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Sometimes you just need your mom February 4, 2012

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It has been a crappy week.  On Sunday, Charlie started coughing and she sounded croupy.  Great.  Luckily we had some leftover medicine from her first bout of croup a few months ago.  That turned her seal bark into a very phlegmy, wet sounding cough.  Ryan was coughing intermittently but seemed OK.  On Monday, we sent Ryan to the sitter and Katie’s mom stayed home with Charlie because she felt warm and was acting like she felt sick.  With Advil and Tylenol, Charlie seemed OK and was even outside with Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the weather when I got home from work.  Meanwhile, Ryan was still just coughing a little bit.  On Tuesday morning I got into the shower to get ready for work, but we decided to keep both girls home with me because Charlie still felt warm and Ryan was still coughing.  That was a rough day.  Charlie ended up puking in her bed and had a temperature of 103.  She spent most of the day on the couch.  It was the saddest thing.  She just laid there and moaned.  When she was up, she just wanted me.  I hated to tell her that I couldn’t hold her because I had to tend to her sister.  She cried a lot that day, and most of it was for Katie.  She just needed her moms.  When Katie got home we brought both girls to the doctor and were sent home with a negative strep test, no medicine and told they had a cold. 

As the week progressed, and Katie was able to stay with the girls during the day, Charlie seemed to get better and Ryan seemed to get worse.  I know that all moms have experienced having multiple kids sick at once, so I know that this is nothing out of the ordinary.  But when you have a special needs kid, I think you worry just a little bit more.  As you know, Ryan has feeding difficulties.  So when she’s so sick that she’s not meeting her feeding goals, and she’s so mucusy that she’s having a hard time keeping anything down so we’re constantly counting wet diapers to make sure she’s hydrated, it’s a little rough.  Pneumonia is always on our minds too.  Ryan is still coughing and spitting up a lot but luckily hasn’t gotten a fever. She’s just feeling punky and wants to be held all the time – she just needs her moms.

So after this rough week, I decided that I too, just needed my mom.  My parents spend every winter in Florida and are the model snow birds.  Unfortunately, they aren’t just 4 hours away like they normally are and can jump in the car.  So I did what I had to do and bought a plane ticket for her.  My mom will be coming in on Tuesday and spending 2 weeks with us (leaving my dad in Florida to fend for himself).  I can’t wait.  In the weeks after Ryan’s diagnosis, when I was at my lowest point emotionally, my mom stayed with us and helped us take care of the girls and the house.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  There is nothing like a mother’s love and it took me becoming a mom to really understand and appreciate that.


One Response to “Sometimes you just need your mom”

  1. jen Says:

    Wow Liz, the whole post got me choked up! Hang in there, you are both fabulous moms. I hope both girls are feeling better- I am so glad your mom is coming… she will be a great help and I am sure Charlie will be excited to have her there. Poppy will be fine as long as there are courses to golf and fish to be caught!
    We love and miss you, jen

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