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A healthy heart in time for Valentine’s day! February 13, 2012

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We got great news today!!  Ryan’s heart is healthy!  Katie and her mom took Ryan for her cardiology follow-up today.  The appointment was with the chief of the hospital (who is a cardiologist).  He said that Ryan’s PFO is normal.  A lot of people have it and it usually closes within the first year of life.  The hypertrophy of her right ventricle is borderline and he’s not worried about it.  The doc doesn’t even think that we need to come back for a follow-up!  The only reason we would need to come back is if our regular pediatrician ever hears a heart murmur.  We are very lucky because a lot of kids with chromosome abnormalities have heart issues and that’s actually one thing that we can cross of the list!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


4 Responses to “A healthy heart in time for Valentine’s day!”

  1. Thank g-d!! What a great present for heart day!!

  2. Constance kessler Says:

    Happy for everyone. Every day is a blessing.

  3. Caryn May Says:

    That is wonderful news…I have a cousin who has a daughter without a chromosome issue and she was born with a hole in her heart and had to stay in the hospital for months after being born. She is healthy and thriving now. What a blessing that little Ryan’s heart is strong!

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