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A couple updates March 5, 2012

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Ryan’s last day of Flagyl for C diff. is today.  Her pooping has decreased a lot and we’ll have her poop cultured in a couple days to make sure it’s totally gone.  Keep your fingers crossed!

She is rolling like a mad woman!  Mostly back to belly which is supposed to be more difficult – but her sister Charlie did that first too.

The MRI was rescheduled because she had congestion in her chest.  We’ll go on the 14th for that and then back to the eye doc. on the 21st.  Hopefully she won’t have a cold this time and we can just get it all done with.

Here’s a cute tummy time picture.  She’s holding her head up more during tummy time even though it’s still not up all the time on a regular basis.


One Response to “A couple updates”

  1. Maryellen Says:

    I love the look like “I am Ms. Thang to you all”! That is a look of sheer determination and will in that little woman!! Hope everyone is well and that lil’ Ryan keeps making awesome progress!! Love ya!

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