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Eye update March 22, 2012

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Yesterday Ryan had her opthalmology appointment.  Dr. W. was much more pleasant, which was nice.  The doc was pleased with her improvement.  Ryan is fixing and following, and we knew that, but it was good to have the doctor acknowledge it.  She was dilated and we waited for a half hour.  Dr. W. checked her retinas, optic nerves and did a refraction.  She said that her optic nerves are still grayish and they see that sometimes in kids with chromosome issues, but they are not atrophied.  She is nearsighted.  One eye is -2 and the other is +1.  Since Ryan still can’t completely focus, she couldn’t get an absolutely accurate reading – so no baby glasses for now.  😦  Also, her MRI showed no brain anomalies that would affect her visually.  Her corpus callosum is a little thin, but as of right now we don’t know if that means anything for Ryan.  We go back in 3 months so the doc can check her visual behavior again and then in 6 months to have her dilated.


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