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And another thing… April 4, 2012

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Ryan had her 6 month well-baby check-up today.  “Well” is a relative term for us.  I’d say it’s more like she’s doing “OK”.

She hasn’t gained much weight.  She is 13 pounds on the dot.  We’re going to try to ease her into soy formula now.  We thought that she had a milk allergy in the first few weeks of her life and that was why she was spitting up so much… but that was before we knew what we know now and that reflux was a symptom of her chromosome abnormality.  Hopefully she’ll like it better and maybe eat a little bit more.  It’s also less expensive.

Ryan had an MRI a few weeks ago for her eyes.  The radiologist noted some things that s/he noticed with her brain regarding the size.  Our regular pediatrician is going to talk with a neurologist soon about those findings so I don’t have much to report on now.

One thing that showed up on the MRI and is of concern though is her neck.  The radiologist saw possible “moderate kyphosis”.  This is the opposite of scoliosis – so instead of the neck arching back, it arches forward… like having a hunchback.  You can’t see it though, it’s not like she looks like Quasimodo.  Since Ryan can’t hold her head up consistently and she’s been bobbing her head a lot, our doc called a neurosurgeon and s/he wants an x-ray of her spine and yes, another MRI.  Damn.

We also are going to have an appointment with the plagiocephaly department at Children’s to see if she’s going to need a helmet because her head is still a little flat.  They will also look to see if the fact that her fontenelle is already closed is a problem.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another!


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