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Update on Ryan’s head April 18, 2012

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We had an appointment today with the Plagiocephaly department at Children’s (the flat baby head department).  After taking a short class about what plagiocephaly is, how to prevent it, and why it’s all the parents’ fault that your kid has it (we weren’t thrilled with that), we saw the nurses for Ryan to get her head measured to see if she needed a helmet.  Ryan’s head measured a 7mm difference between the flat side and the round side.  They only recommend helmets for kids whose measurement is 10mm or more.  So NO helmet for Ryan!!!!  They also checked her fontanelle and sutures and they are small but still allowing plenty of head growth – that is great news!  They showed us her growth chart for head circumference and she is following the curve perfectly, which they were actually surprised about.  At this point, they expect her head to round out nicely by her first birthday.  We need to get back to doing physical therapy more diligently because the underlying reason she has a flat head is  torticollis of the neck.  So good news all around!  We celebrated by taking Ryan to the zoo for the first time and bought her a big zebra that she is already loving!

Our next appointment is on Monday for another MRI and X-ray for her spine so the docs can get a better look at the possible kyphosis.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn’t have it and it was just weird positioning during her last MRI.  If it does show that she has it, then we’ll have to go to an appointment in June with a neurosurgeon that deals with the cervical spine area.

As a side note, Ryan didn’t tolerate the soy formula very well.  We’re not sure if it was just the mixing of the two formulas, or the concentration of it, but we’ll be seeing the feeding team in two weeks and we’ll ask more about that then.

It’s so nice to have good news for once!!!!


One Response to “Update on Ryan’s head”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Great news on the helmet! We too felt the same way regarding max’s head….it was all our fault!?!? We told our pediatrician and he was not happy with how children’s treated us. But regardless, great news for you!!! Always thinking good thoughts for you and your family!

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