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MRI update April 25, 2012

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We got preliminary results for the MRI today from our pediatrician.  Ryan does have kyphosis.  She has focal kyphosis at C3 in her spine.  She also has retrolisthesis and a mild anterior wedging of L4.  They also saw a filar cyst which they apparently saw back in October when she had an ultrasound on her spine because we wanted to make sure she didn’t have a tethered cord.  Apparently a filar cyst doesn’t mean anything and it’s usually an incidental finding when looking for something else.  I’m really not sure what any of these things mean for Ryan’s health and development at this point but the doc said that she was relieved that nothing big was found.  The next step is to get an Xray of her spine and then we will have to go to the neurosurgeon in a few weeks to find out more.


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