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Ryan’s first tooth!! May 1, 2012

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A couple weeks ago we could tell that one of Ryan’s bottom teeth was starting to poke through and last week it made it’s grand entrance!  She looks so cute with a little toofie!  So, since she has a tooth I figured it was time to eat – real food!  On Friday night Katie was working and Charlie talked me into giving Ryan some cereal.  She didn’t really talk me into it, but she randomly started talking about it so I decided that there was no better time like the present.  I mixed up some rice cereal with formula and hesitantly fed it to her.  It was great!  She opened her mouth for the spoon and didn’t have much trouble swallowing it.  I was so relieved.  We are scheduled to go to feeding team on Wednesday so I did this before we asked if we should.  The last time we were there though, the gastro doc (the one who told us Ryan’s poop was normal – ha!) said that when she was ready, we could try.  So it’s not like we weren’t allowed.  The only concern is that she doesn’t have total control of her neck and trunk.  I’m not sure why that is such an issue though.  My mom told me that she started giving me baby food when I got home from the hospital… but that was back when babies were sleeping on their tummies.  Oh yeah, Ryan does that too.  I’m just breaking all the rules!  So far, Ryan has had 4 days of cereal for dinner.  That’s the only meal we’ve tried and she’s also slept through the night since we started.  I’m hoping that the team will give us “permission” to give her fruit soon.  Here are some pics of the tooth and the first meal!

Yay food!!

Wednesday we not only have the feeding team but also a follow up with the geneticist.  I’m hoping that she’ll be impressed with all of Ryan’s progress.  I know I am!


One Response to “Ryan’s first tooth!!”

  1. Jen Gladish Says:

    Oh my, that last picture is so flipping cute!! She obviously loves to eat just like her Aunt!! I think in most cases a mom knows best- do what feels right.. Chloe is so excited to meet her new cousin in a few weeks and I am too in July !! We love you guys, xoxo jen

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