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CABVI May 8, 2012

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Today Ryan had a visit from the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Our Help Me Grow specialist suggested that we have them come out in addition to our visits with the ophthalmologist, Dr. W.  The woman who came out was extremely nice and positive.  She was happy to hear that Dr. W. (whom she knows and works with often) gave Ryan the diagnosis of “delayed visual maturation” because there is hope for more improvement.  She thought Ryan was doing great and showing a lot of good visual behavior and was confident that Ryan’s eye sight would only improve.  We talked a little bit about how her sight has developed and what is yet to come.  We also have a plan to have Ryan playing with different items that have interesting textures so she’ll want to grab at them since she isn’t doing much batting and grabbing even though we know she can see them.  We will reconnect again this summer after the neurosurgery appointment.


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