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Niño de Gracia May 10, 2012

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Ryan received a very special gift today.  It was sent straight from heaven.  No really, it was.  Let me explain.

Our friend David had a dream the other night.  He was talking to his grandmother (who is deceased) and she was holding a doll.  It was a doll of the baby Jesus.  David’s grandmother held the doll and said, “This is for Ryan”.  David, who has a son named Ryan, thanked his grandmother but said that Ryan was too old to play with dolls.  His grandmother said, “This is for the girl”.  David then explained that his girl was named Laura.  His grandmother said again, “This is for the girl”.  David woke up and was telling his wife Jill about the dream.  They then realized that his grandmother must have been talking about Ryan Grace.

I’m not sure how David would describe himself, but I see him as very in tune with faith and spirituality.  David had a dream that I was pregnant before I became pregnant with Charlie.  And anyone else may have dismissed this message, but not David.  So what did David do?  Well, he called me and told me about the dream of course.  But he also bought a baby Jesus doll for Ryan.

This is the best part though.  David’s last name is Gracia.  Gracia means grace in Spanish.  That means that his son’s name is Ryan Gracia.  That’s right – Ryan Grace.  And…. the baby JC doll that David bought for Ryan is Nino de Gracia (child of grace).  Cool huh?  Not only that, but it signifies good health and family unity.

If you know me at all, you’d know that I’m not religious.  But I do believe that there is an afterlife.  And I do believe that David’s abuela is watching over Ryan.


One Response to “Niño de Gracia”

  1. Sue Effler Says:

    Very cool!! I just know that Ryan Grace is going to do well!!

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