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Some May fun May 27, 2012

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Just wanted to share some cute pictures from this month.  We’ve had a busy month with sister Charlie’s birthday, visits with family from Cleveland and California, and Aunt Sarah’s wedding… not to mention all the cool stuff that Ryan’s doing!!  I wish that I could include sound clips on the blog because Ryan is saying “mama” all the time and blowing raspberries now!!

Charlie still can’t keep her hands off her sister!

Just hanging around!  Ryan’s doing a great job getting on her hands and knees and even rocking back and forth a little bit!

Ryan is constantly holding her feet.  She can’t quite get them in her mouth yet but she’s working on it!

First bath with big sis Charlie!

Charlie feeding Ryan some of her birthday cake frosting!

So cute… it looks like Ryan is laughing at something funny mommy said!

All dressed up at Aunt Sarah’s wedding!!!


One Response to “Some May fun”

  1. jenny Says:

    Love the photos Lizzie! The family photo at the wedding is great, everyone looks so pretty!

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