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First Swim, Video Swallow, and EEG May 29, 2012

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Ryan went for a dip in the pool on Sunday!  This was her first of many (hopefully – considering we have a pool).  She kind of liked it…

Today Ryan had 2 appointments at Children’s.  The first was a video swallow test.  She has had one before so we knew what to expect.  She did great.  She was a little pissed off sitting in the chair but once she got eating she was fine.  The speech path was very happy to see that Ryan did well swallowing her cereal and drinking her bottle using a medium flow nipple.  She had a little nasoesophageal reflux during her bottle but absolutely nothing went near her airway – and that’s the big thing they were looking for.

Hanging out getting ready for the video swallow.

Then she had an EEG.  Holy shit.  Horrible.  The actual EEG was fine because she slept for part of it and was happy when she woke up, but the before and after were PURE HELL.  Putting the electrodes on and then taking them off sent Ryan to a place that I have never seen.  She cried so hard she was practically purple and puked twice.  My mother-in-law and I both had to try really hard not to cry right along with her.  Oh, who am I kidding – I cried.  Ryan got this test because of her little head bob and we want to rule out seizure activity.  We won’t know the results for about a week and I’m already anxious about it but hopefully it will end up the way we want.  Here are some photos of the event that I want to forget.

Applying the 27 electrodes.

Trying to soothe Ryan with a paci.

Passed out.

What a sweetie!

Doing push-ups with wires coming out of her “hat”.

Almost done!

Home and happy – even though the tape on her face literally pulled the skin off.


2 Responses to “First Swim, Video Swallow, and EEG”

  1. Iris Says:

    When Amelia had to have her heart murmur checked I bawled! The leads are the worst! You’d like they’d make an adhesive that didn’t kill you to take off!! Glad she’s ok and she won’t remember it mama!!

  2. nikki hooper forster Says:

    Liz, I love reading your blog and about all of Ryan’s progress…it shows in every single picture and word you write what an incredible mommy you are!!!! Katie too!
    BTW, the pic above sleeping/hugging you is one of the most precious pics I have seen. Brought tears to my pregnant, hormonal eyes. So sweet.

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