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EEG results June 1, 2012

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The EEG results are good!!!  No abnormal brain activity was shown, even during her head-bobbing episode.  So that’s great news!!!  But then why does she head-bob?  I guess we’ll just have to wait until the neurosurgeon sees her.  Hopefully he’ll have an answer.  We’re going to be getting Ryan back into physical therapy soon too.  We had to stop because of her neck kyphosis (kind of ironic because we were going for her neck torticollis) but we’ll be working on other things and hopefully that will strengthen her even more.

As a side note, Ryan decided to choke and turn blue again yesterday at the sitter.  Her eyes rolled back in her head too.  It was really scary for our sitter but she did the right thing and patted her on the back until she spit up and she recovered really quickly.  Formula must have just gone down the wrong pipe.  She does choke on occasion with us too, but hasn’t turned blue (except during that horrible PT episode).  There is really nothing we can do for it and I’m not dragging her to the hospital again just so they can hook her up, monitor her, and tell us she’s fine and that she choked.  She’s come a long way with her feeding and I’m sure it was just one of those things.  Heck, I choked last night at dinner too.  My dad is a champion choker as well.  I think it just runs in the family.



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