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Neurosurgery June 29, 2012

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Good news!  Ryan doesn’t need surgery on her neck right now!  But that doesn’t mean it will never happen.  As with everything with Ryan, it’s going to be a wait and see game.

We met with 2 doctors today.  A neurosurgeon who was very nice and an orthopedic surgeon who was a little bit goofy but he was sweet with Ryan.  They explained that Ryan’s kyphosis is on her cervical spine in the C3 and C4 area.  This means that her cervical spine is formed more like an S and it should be like a C.  The kink is pushing a little bit on her spinal canal and there isn’t a lot of room for spinal fluid.  But since Ryan is so young, surgery wouldn’t be a good idea.  Babies’ bones are still growing at this age and they don’t like to do surgery until at least 2 years old.  Plus, they don’t really know if her neck is causing any real problems.  They usually don’t see kids unless symptoms have brought them in.  They aren’t sure if her neck is playing a part in her inability to keep her head up but the docs didn’t seem to be that worried and thought that it was just her hypotonia.

We will go back in 9 months for yet another MRI and a follow up with the docs.  Their hope is that her neck stabilizes but if it gets worse then more tests will have to be done to determine if surgery is necessary.

As a side note – We had Ryan laughing today in the waiting room.  Her tickle spot is on her neck… but when she laughs it sounds a little like she’s crying.  She almost can’t handle it!!


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