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Ask and you shall receive August 25, 2012

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Less than 24 hours after I post about needing to see progress, Ryan shows me that I need to just chill the hell out and it will happen.  Today she sat in her exersaucer without her support pillow for a long time!  This is awesome on so many levels.  It means that she’s getting stronger and not only can hold her head up without slamming it down, but her core strength is improving too.  Her legs were also working as she stood herself straight up!  She was having so much fun and I could tell she was proud of herself.  But then just to bring me back down to earth she had a major blowout (with the poop that’s red from the antibiotic) so the exersaucer seat is currently in the washing machine and we’ll play again tonight!


2 Responses to “Ask and you shall receive”

  1. Kim Says:

    This is such great news Liz. I understand completely about the core and head. That kind of progress is fantastic! Those small steps turn into a giant leap- quietly!

  2. julie Says:

    Way to go, Ryan! Such an awesome little girl! Just like her mommies!

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