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Hair September 9, 2012

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My hair has always been a problem for me.  Should it be short or long, blond or brown, product-filled or au natural?  I just never know what to do with it.  Ever.  I’m pretty sure it’s in my genes though.  When I think about my mom and her hair the one memory that sticks out from my childhood is her constantly saying “Oh, this hair!” as she runs a brush through it, fluffing it with her hand at the same time.  My mom and I have very different hair but have very similar feelings about our own… the main one being frustration.  So of course the girls have inherited some interesting hair.  I can’t blame the donor for this particular genetic role of the dice… it’s all me (and my mom!).

Charlie has a beautiful shade of brown hair with very slight red tones in certain light.  At about one year of age the back started to become curly, followed by the sides, never followed by the front or top.  It’s quite interesting.  After a sweaty nap or on a very humid day, she turns into my mom with curls flying everywhere.  On Sunday mornings, when she’s sitting at the kitchen table sneaking sips of our coffee with silly sleepy hair, I have to call my mom and tell her that her mini-me is living in our house.  It’s pretty darn cute.  But most days I feel that familiar frustration as I try to brush through it, hastily put a clip in it to keep some of it out of her eyes, saying “Oh, this hair”.  Here are just a few shots of Charlie and her hair.

The start of the curls

Bad bangs

Her first ponytail

Sweaty Betty

A good hair day for Aunt Sarah’s wedding

Being that Ryan is not even one year old you might think that we don’t have much to show… but oh no, we already have quite an archive of her various styles (which include ultrasound pictures where Ryan’s hair was quite visible).  At birth, Ryan’s hair was a beautiful auburn.  It wasn’t long before the typical shedding of womb hair occurred which gave way to Ryan’s current strawberry blond.  It’s a beautiful color that matches her light skin tone and blue eyes.  My mom calls her complexion peaches and cream.  I’m not sure if she’ll be a true ginger with freckles and all, but I love that she’s a bit of a redhead.  When I first started researching about Jacobsen’s Syndrome, which is what we thought Ryan had at first, I noticed that so many of the kids had reddish hair.  I have since learned that many of the kids with deletions to chromosome 11 have reddish hair, interstitial deletions included.  It’s been a topic on the 11q support group site, so I know that I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

Now, without further adieu, let me present the various styles of our little rooster:

The womb hair

The muppet

The spike

The Conan O’Brien

The side pony (OK, it’s not a side pony. It was the last long remaining piece of her womb hair that wasn’t rubbed off the back of her head because she always leaned on the other side due to her torticollis)

The rooster (part of the reason for her nickname)

The pixie

The Tintin

The Christopher Walken

The Donald Trump

Ok, so the last three were totally staged, but how could I resist with all that awesome hair?!?!


2 Responses to “Hair”

  1. Megan Says:

    They are adorable! Ryan is so awesome…loving the smiles and snuggles with sis:) thanks for sharing!

  2. Stacey Ewen Says:

    Love it Liz! This made me laugh out loud. Thanks for a little chuckle at the end of a long day 🙂

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