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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Walks For Kids October 21, 2012

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The Rooster’s Boosters made their debut today at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Walks For Kids!  With the help of a lot of family and friends, we raised almost $2000 for the hospital!!!  So many people donated to the Rooster’s Boosters fan page or bought t-shirts (that were designed and printed by my two awesome art teacher friends Matt and Tricia – thanks you guys!!!) that I was once again overwhelmed by the kindness of people that support us!  The fall leaves were out in full force and thankfully we just missed the rain!  Here are some highlights from the day!

Our Rooster’s Boosters Team!

Walking with 2 tired girls!

Hat Hair!

Doing the “Rooster”!

I also have to include a picture of a special gift given to Ryan for her birthday from her Aunt Mary, Uncle Pete, Molly, Sam, and Luke!  Thanks guys!  The Cock will make a great addition to our backyard!!!





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