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Halloween Was A Bust November 2, 2012

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Halloween pretty much sucked this year.  Not only was it rainy and cold because of hurricane Sandy, but the entire family was sick, including my parents who were here for a visit.  Every single one of us has seen the doctor, Ryan twice.  Every single one of us is on antibiotics.  It started last week with a small cold and cough that I had and somehow progressed into a nasty upper respiratory infection settling into each of our chests.  Croupy coughs, sore throats, aches, gunky eyes, an infected ear regardless of tubes, and a general crappy feeling.  The docs all say that it’s probably a virus but still gave us drugs to try to help a little bit.  The girls had to take a steroid for the croup and also a liquid antibiotic for the other symptoms.  Ryan is a good patient and takes her medicine with food or a bottle.  Charlie, on the other hand, is too smart for that and is resisting everything, including her medicine in chocolate milk.  She is so grossed out by her white, fruity antibiotic that she literally gags at the mere mention of it and just puked into the sink about 5 minutes ago when we tried to squirt it into her mouth.  I am going to make this short because we are feeling yucky and trying to get medicine into everyone before bedtime.  Here’s a few pictures of our little goblins.

This is pretty much how we all feel.

Our little zebra!

Charlie as Jake from the Neverland Pirates.

The girls may look happy but trust me, it wasn’t all that fun.  Charlie even came home from school because she was too sick to stay for her Halloween party…. how sad.  Tomorrow we are staying home yet again and hopefully by Monday we’ll all be up on our feet and at school and work.  Keep your fingers crossed!!


One Response to “Halloween Was A Bust”

  1. Maryellen Says:

    Aww – that really sucks! Hope you all have a speedy recovery!!

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