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My Little Angel And My Little Sickie November 4, 2012

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It has been two full weeks of sickness for the Gladish-Effler household.  Two weeks ago today is when my sore throat and cough started, and one week ago was when Ryan started to feel yucky.  The rest of us dropped like flies the next few days… Tuesday Charlie went down, Wednesday was Katie and my mom, followed by my reoccurrence on Thursday, and my dad got a few symptoms but is still hanging on by his fingernails.

There were a total of 7 sick appointments for the four of us and my mom.  Each little girl saw the doctor twice and each big girl just went once.  Charlie’s 2nd appointment happened today because her cough got worse and she spiked a fever last night.  A chest X-ray showed that Charlie has viral pneumonia.  Nothing can be done about it besides just treating her symptoms but she’s already acting like she feels better.  She’ll stay home with Grandma tomorrow and me on Tuesday but hopefully she’ll be back to her self and at school on Wednesday.

Ryan had a non-sick appointment last week as well.  She had a follow up with her feeding team on Wednesday and they are pleased with her weight gain even though she had been so sick in the last few months.  They have her starting a new formula geared towards older kids.  It’s flavored and she likes it more but it is SOOOO expensive.  It’s the stuff that is used for people with feeding tubes.  We have to talk to our social worker about it because we currently have BCMH to pay for formula but that will run out soon and we can’t see them re-approving us and $200 a week for formula is a bit steep when there are alternatives that are less expensive (probably not as tasty though).

Ryan and I got a break from the sick house this morning when we went to see Dr. Nemeh again.  He is the MD that holds prayer services.  He prayed over me and Ryan and she, of course, just smiled away!  He specifically prayed for her neck and eyes.  As he was praying and she was smiling, he told me that she was a “little angel” and “true purity” and I agree.  She couldn’t be more sweet.  Katie and I comment every day about how we almost can’t stand how sweet she is!  She is becoming so much more social and she loves to laugh and smile!  We will see Dr. Nemeh for a 3rd time in December when we’re back up in Cleveland and I look forward to hearing what he has to say.


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