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Let her eat cake! November 17, 2012

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It’s no secret that I like sweets.  Mostly baked goods that include chocolate.  But I can handle candy bars, fruit pies, sugary cereal, and pretty much anything else you throw my way.  I’m not proud of my eating habits though.  I had gestational diabetes during both pregnancies and although I learned that my body needs protein, it craves sugar.  It wasn’t long before we realized that Charlie has those same cravings for sugar – probably because she was denied it in utero.  Ryan, as we are finding out, also likes the sweet stuff.  And not the typical baby food fruit that most kids like, but the real stuff: cookies and cake.  Yep, that’s what I said.  Cookies and cake.  The girl doesn’t even eat table food.  She still gags and chokes on anything that’s not practically liquid.  But she sure likes cookies and cake.  She has inherited the IL2ES gene.  I’m not sure if the donor had it but I think it’s pretty common.  It stands for I Love To Eat Sugar.

Last week I was feeding Ryan and decided to give her a little bit of cookie.  It’s always a little nerve-wracking when we introduce table food to Ryan.  It usually ends up with a huge puke.  Even though she has progressed to the point that her nubby brush we use for desensitizing her mouth doesn’t make her gag, when we place actual food on her tongue – she loses it.  But the cookie didn’t make her toss her cookies!!!  Probably because grandma made the cookies!  We gave her cookies 3 days in a row after dinner.  She chewed and swallowed and smiled!  It was fun!

Grandma made some delicious cinnamon cake on Ryan Day.  It’s one of her many yummy treats that I love.  Frankly, I don’t think she bakes enough, but that’s just my opinion (hint, hint).  We gave Ryan some cake last night and wouldn’t you know it?  She loved it!  So after the rough day she had today, the girl needed some cake.

This morning Katie and her mom brought Ryan to the Endocrinologist (recommended by Ryan’s new ophthalmologist based on her vision and growth issues).  On the way down to the hospital Katie had to pull over because Ryan started crying really hard.  Katie knew right away that A: she was in pain and B: she needed to puke.  It sounds weird but when Ryan gets really upset, she feels better after a good puke.  Katie still doesn’t know why it happened though.  Then they met with the doctor, who was awesome, and went to get some testing done.  It was decided that they would do blood work for growth hormone, pituitary, thyroid, and cortisol levels.  Cortisol affects growth as well as immunity so it’s pretty darn important.  On the first attempt to test for cortisol they didn’t get enough blood to get a baseline level and on the second attempt Ryan got so upset that she puked.  They decided it would be best to try again another day.  She got to spend the afternoon with grandma and grandpa after all that.

After a baby-swap, I brought Ryan to the pediatrician because she’s been having a gunky eye for a few days.  Ryan got off easy this time with only an eye drop and a recommendation to let her ride out the cold and see how she does.

She was very happy when we got home and got to eat her cake!

As a side note, Ryan seems like she is very deliberately saying “mama” when she sees me.  She’s also been trying to say “mom” when she sees Katie.  She has the sweetest little voice!


2 Responses to “Let her eat cake!”

  1. Maryellen Says:

    Yeah!! The girl is a connoisseur of great taste!!! Hope you gals have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Of course I love “her eat cake”! Cute pic of Ryan’s giant grin, too.

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