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So much to tell, too little time December 7, 2012

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I really need to blog more regularly because when I finally do, there is just so much that I want to share and too little time.  So instead of a long post, here’s a quick list of what’s new with Ryan.  I’m sure that I’ll forget something so check back for another post soon!

1. She got her tubes checked at a follow-up with the ENT.

2. She got her hearing tested and didn’t perform well.  She didn’t want to look for the noise because she was too interested in the weird lady in the room with us so she has to go back and try again in about 3 months.  I am totally NOT concerned with her hearing.  The girl can hear.

3. She’s getting glasses!  Her prescription did not improve since the last appointment.  We picked out her frames and she should be getting them soon.

4. She went to the hospital for wheezing and croup (it wasn’t croup – see below).

5. Two different doctors said that she doesn’t miss a thing and seems nosy, which is really fun for us to hear considering we thought she was blind a year ago.

6. She sat in a grocery cart by herself for the first time and loved it!

7. She sat in a real wooden high chair at a restaurant for the first time and kind of liked it – she was pretty tired.

8. She’s eating more table foods – and not just cookies and cake.  She’s been having yogurt, crackers, and just enjoyed a little grilled cheese!

9. She is saying “mom” when referring to Katie!  There is a clear difference between “mama” and “mom” and we are so loving that!

10. She went back to the doctor and was diagnosed with RSV and is now getting breathing treatments for her yucky cough.


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