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Ryan gets glasses and pneumonia December 12, 2012

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Ryan’s RSV has developed into pneumonia.  She will be starting antibiotics tonight and breathing treatments with a nebulizer.  I’ll spare you the gory details of her symptoms, but things got really yucky last night.  We went to the ped this morning (who is awesome and I really can’t say how lucky we are to have her) and we have a plan.  Ryan got X-rays today.  Not only to determine the pneumonia, but also to see if her adenoids were blocking her airway and preventing her snot from going down her throat.  She constantly has a snotty nose.  Constantly.  Her adenoids and tonsils were both fine.  Bummer.  I really was hoping that it would be a quick fix – yank those suckers out and viola! No boogers!  But, alas, Ryan has other plans for us.  So she’ll be going to see an allergist/immunologist to get a workup.  We need to figure this out.  Poor Rystie is never well.  She doesn’t deserve this.

On a lighter note… check out our little four eyes!



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