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December must be “National I’m going to hold my breath” month December 15, 2012

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It was almost a year ago when Ryan got upset at PT, puked, choked, and held her breath until she turned blue.  We ended up overnight at Children’s after that episode.  Ryan has since, but not often, shown us this little trick of hers and even ended up having a seizure (see past post “Possible Seizure”).  We have since determined that this only happens when she’s in pain and gets herself worked up.  If we blow into her face she can catch her breath and recover quickly.

Yesterday her glasses must have been hurting her.  She had a small episode in the afternoon when my mom was watching her after bumping her glasses on my mom’s shoulder (we think this is the cause).  She cried so hard that my mom had to blow into her face and she caught a breath.  But last night she had another episode and blowing into her face didn’t work.  We could tell that she was getting really upset and started crying really hard.  Katie was holding her and I was trying to get her glasses off.  She stopped crying and Katie and I were both blowing into her face when she went limp.  Katie yelled for me to call 911.  My mom (a former nurse) put her mouth to Ryan’s and gave her 2 breaths and then she cried… finally.  My mom saved her life.  Katie and I both thought we were going to lose her last night.  It was horrible.  But after a good puke, Ryan was back to her normal self – smiling and laughing!   The squad showed up and quickly determined that she was OK.  We explained her history and they took her blood oxygen level – she was fine and they left.

After the Newtown, CT tragedy yesterday and Ryan’s episode, we feel so grateful for our little girls and are keeping them close and hugging them tight.


2 Responses to “December must be “National I’m going to hold my breath” month”

  1. Laura Hrnyak Says:

    Wow… I know how scary and upsetting that must be. She is lucky to have moms like you who can care for her and stay calm when needed.
    I hope things get easier with the upcoming new year!
    Love you guys…

  2. Bev Guenther Says:

    Wow, so very scary!! Give those girls a hug for me too!!

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