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Bring on 2013! December 30, 2012

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We are ready for 2013!  2012 was filled with so many highs and lows that my wish for the New Year is to have some consistency, some normalcy, and some good old fashioned boringness!  I know that may be a lot, but there’s no harm in asking!

Looking back it seems like a large part of 2012 was filled with sickness and sadness.  Ryan was sick for a good part of the beginning of the year and the entire last 4 months, plus she had some really scary moments throughout.  Charlie got pneumonia and Katie, my mom, my dad, and I all got variations of upper respiratory infections and stomach bugs (which was probably caused by the girls being at a day-care center).  Which, of course, reminds me of our heart-breaking day-care dump that happened in June.  And then there are the ones we lost in 2012.  Three friends and Katie’s grandmother left this earth and I think about them so much.

We also had some great moments.  We had an amazing vacation with Katie’s family to Hilton Head and we’ve spend a lot of time with my parents who have helped us a ton.  Charlie started pre-school at her day-care center (which is still a bit stressful for her but she’s making great progress).  We did the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital walk with Rooster’s Boosters and raised almost $2000!  And I can’t forget to mention watching the Miracle League opening day ceremonies as a highlight for me.  Although Ryan was sick, Charlie and I got to meet another 11q family and the experiences that day were so moving and gave me so much hope for our unique girl’s future.  But Ryan’s accomplishments top all of these 2012 highlights.  I am so proud of our little girl!

This year has been so eye-opening for both me and Katie.  I’m sure it sounds cliche, but we feel that we look at the world differently now that we have Ryan.  We have realized what and who is important to us and are making an effort to surround ourselves with positivity and people who find us important too.  We are looking forward to cultivating those relationships on a deeper level in 2013.

Life is what happens when you are making other plans, right?  I’m not naive; I know 2013 will bring us life.  We still have a list of things to take care of with Ryan including trying to get her blood work for her allergies, immunity, and endocrine system (without her stopping breathing and passing out) and we have numerous appointment on the horizon.  But you know?  I kind of like going to those appointments just to show Ryan off!  Everyone who meets her falls in love… it’s so easy to do!



One Response to “Bring on 2013!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Happy new year, Liz! Glad to hear things are looking up. 🙂 Wishing you and your family all the best for the new year!

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