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Genetics and Boogers January 5, 2013

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Two separate thoughts there.

First, genetics.  We had a followup with the geneticist.  We told her about Ryan’s milestones but also her frequent sicknesses.  Her solution, which wasn’t one, was to find an in-home daycare provider.  Yeah, tried that.  And at this point, even if we did, Ryan might stay healthy now, but then get sick when she starts school.  Katie and I both think that where the girls are is fine.  Actually more than fine.  Ryan LOVES interacting with the other kids there and Charlie is doing so well.  So, we will have to battle the germs and keep our fingers crossed that next winter will be better.

We also talked to her about the inability to get Ryan’s blood work done because she freaks out.  She told us that the priority will be the allergy and immunology stuff, not the endocrine stuff.  Although, she doesn’t think that Ryan has an immunity problem because it’s not like she’s getting rare illnesses, she’s just getting what the general population gets but holds on to it longer which is typical of chromosome kids.  The doc gave us a prescription for a numbing cream for Ryan’s arms so we’ll try to get some more blood drawn soon.  Ryan charmed the doctor, as always, but not before she puked all over the floor.

Second, boogers.  I f*cking hate boogers.  Of course, after a wonderful and fairly healthy Christmas, Ryan gets a cold after only 2 days back at daycare (which she lovingly gave to me).  She’s not coughing, not feverish, just boogery.  The problem is that when Ryan is boogery, she can’t eat.  She gets so much mucus buildup that she can’t suck on her bottle.  And when she can, she usually ends up spitting it up because of all the mucus in her throat and stomach.  I have been puked on more times in the last week than I want to admit.  We tried the nebulizer to breakup the mucus – didn’t work.  We bought a battery powered booger sucker – awesomely gross but didn’t solve the problem.  So we called the doc!  Her ped is allowing us to give her a decongestant and nasal spray which is normally not given to kids under 2.  Hopefully it will work because this mama SO OVER the bodily fluids.


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