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A little piece of heaven March 6, 2013

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Ryan’s first OT appointment went really well today.  Our goals are to improve Ryan’s fine motor skills so she can feed herself table food, hold her bottle better, chew her food so she doesn’t gag, and play with toys better.  Our OT is super nice and was really prepared.  She had taken the time to read through Ryan’s chart and knew exactly what she was all about and what her needs were.  I was very impressed!  Plus, Ryan liked playing with her and was all smiles.  At the end of the appointment, the OT said that she feels that Ryan is on the verge of doing a lot of things and was very positive about the outcome.  I told her that I agreed and that since Christmas, she’s had an explosion of development!

When telling Katie all this, she said that she had been thinking about Ryan’s recent milestones and how it coincides with her grandmother’s death.  She thinks Grandma’s doing some work up there in heaven!  I, of course, totally cried when she said this.  Not only am I a sap, but I’m a total believer in all things unknown.  Grandma had a special place in her heart for our girls and I FULLY believe that Grandma’s up wherever she is looking down on us and sprinkling us with love and good fortune.  Grandma was a dynamo, working at her store up until the final weeks before her death, and it only makes sense that she’s still working!

Here are some of the things that Ryan’s been doing lately (other than crawling, pulling up, and feeding herself her bottle) since Christmas… waving, wiggling and dancing on command, playing peek-a-boo, splashing in the tub (this may not sound like a big deal but she’s got some sensory things with her hands), pushing herself backwards from a standing position and falling into my lap repeatedly while laughing, and responding to seeing Mickey Mouse on TV with sheer joy!

Here’s my philosophy… You don’t know what you don’t know… and NO ONE knows what happens after you die.  What I do know is this… Grandma loved our girls, and if she could do anything to make their lives better, she would.


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