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MRI Results April 14, 2013

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After a long day at Children’s on Thursday, we walked out very happy campers!  The hope of the neurosurgeon was that Ryan’s kyphosis (neck curve) would just stabilize in the last 7 months since her last MRI because as people grow, it tends to worsen.  Ryan’s kyphosis showed improvement!!!  The doc was not expecting that at all!  Ryan also has increased cerebral spinal fluid in that area, which acts as a buffer between the spine and the spinal cord.  She will go back in a year for another full spine MRI and to see the doc.

In the last week, Ryan has been consistently pulling herself up to standing – she just can’t get down!  We are now all gated-up in the house!


She is also trying to get our attention more by saying “uh” at us.  She’ll go back and forth with us saying it which is really fun!  She has a speech assessment on Thursday to start therapy.

Also, Ryan got assessed through Help Me Grow this week (Battelle assessment) and it showed that she is delayed in gross motor, fine motor, and adaptive skills but within the normal range for social and cognitive skills.  I can totally see that she’d be in range socially but it’s hard for me to see it cognitively.  But, they’re the experts so we’ll just take it as another happy moment!

Finally, Ryan is sick again.  We brought her to the pediatrician on Friday and he (the doc we normally see was off that day 😦 ) said that she has allergies.  She’s now on Zyrtec but it hasn’t kicked in if it really is allergies.  Charlie has pretty bad seasonal allergies and takes 2 doses of Zyrtec a day so it makes sense.  But the thing about Ryan is that when her nose is stuffy, she has a hard time keeping her bottles down or she coughs so hard she ends up puking… we’ve been doing a lot of laundry lately.


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