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Plugging Along May 3, 2013

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It’s been a while for an update so here’s the latest:

1. Ryan got another sinus infection but is on meds and doing fine.

2. She had a speech assessment and has very scattered skills.  We start therapy the first week of June.  Her therapist is going to be a former student of mine!  I feel old!

3. Ryan is eating so much better!  She started table food at school and overall is eating more and eating it better!  She’s still not really feeding herself but we’re working on it!  She can feed herself a whole graham cracker, but won’t pick up bits of food and put them in her mouth unless they are in my hand.  She can do it, she just won’t.

4. She will be transitioning to another room at daycare in a week.  Although Ryan isn’t where the “Butterflies” are developmentally, the directors at Kids R Kids are so wonderful that they want Ryan to move on and not get left behind!  They will make accommodations for her just so she can be with her peers!  She’ll get to be in the same room as her friend Addy – we are so happy!

5. She has learned to get down from a standing position!  We thought she would use the “plop on the butt” method, but she actually bends her leg to get to her knee.

6. She wants to walk but has no balance so this is the next best thing.  She will actually take a few steps like this before getting back to her knees!






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