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Like we don’t have enough going on… May 14, 2013

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It’s May… that’s always a crazy time for us.  It’s a time for the pool to be opened, the yard to be landscaped, the outdoor furniture to be unpacked and cleaned, and the grass to be cut practically every other day.  We love our yard – it’s why we bought the house.  On Saturday, I was outside working my butt off and loving every minute of it (except when I had to clean the mouse-infested shed and came face to face with many mice, both alive and dead).  And this year, it’s a time for the basement to get finished.  This is something that Katie and I have talked about since we bought the house and we wanted to get it done before Ryan was 2 – so here goes.

May is also the month of Charlie’s birthday.  I can’t believe that my first baby is almost 4.  She’s such a big girl and such a good big sister.  This coming Saturday she’s having her first party with some friends.  We didn’t invite the entire class at school (which seems to be protocol?), we are just having a couple of her besties over for a Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed shindig.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.

So, when Ryan woke up from her nap on Saturday with a snotty nose, we knew we needed to be proactive about getting her well before my parents and the rest of the troops roll in.  I brought her to see our beloved doc yesterday and it was determined that Ryan would not only be put on an antibiotic to get rid of this junk, but then she’ll be put on a different antibiotic everyday to try and keep the junk away.  Apparently some kids do this.  Ryan’s ped said that she has at least 5 patients that don’t have any immunity issues and aren’t special needs and stay on an antibiotic all school year because they just can’t stay well.  I really hope this works – I know that I’m sick of her being sick so I can’t even imagine how she feels!  We also talked about getting another ped in the practice on the “Ryan Train”.  We love Ryan’s ped – Dr. S.  She is, by far, the best doctor that has ever cared for Ryan in any capacity.  But, the truth is, she has other patients and she has a life.  So, when we need her, she’s not always available.  She agreed that it would be a smart move to get another doctor to get to know Ryan as well and she knows her.  She suggested the doctor that her children go to (you couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than that) and said that she would basically “inservice” this doc on Ryan so if need be, we can go to her as well.  How cool is that?  Another reason to love Dr. S.

On another note, Ryan is currently transitioning to the next room at daycare – the “Butterflies” – where she will be with the teacher she was with as an infant and who is awesome with Ryan!  Our little Rooster is growing up and doing so many more things than before.   We are so proud of her!



Sissies watching a little TV together

Sissies watching a little TV together

Making some Mother's Day presents!

Making some Mother’s Day presents!




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