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Slap June 7, 2013

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My girl is a soldier.  That’s my new word for her – soldier.  She is so tough and such a fighter at 20 months that when I think about how fragile she was a year ago, I really can’t believe it’s the same kid.

Last week Ryan went back to school with the neck brace on.  It’s like it’s not even there (except she can’t turn her head!) and NOTHING stops her!  She was going everywhere and doing everything just like normal… amazing!  Not only that, but since the fall, Ryan has been consistently feeding herself, cruising from one piece of furniture to another, and getting from her knees to her butt.  She even pivots around in a circle on her butt using her feet to move herself – it’s really cute!  She has also started saying maba, and on occasion, baba!!!  It’s like the fall knocked some pieces into place and she’s had an explosion of progress!




Charlie has been doing great too.  She’s been enjoying school and her newest obsession – space!  She had her 4 year checkup on Thursday and our beloved pediatrician was so happy with Charlie and to hear about how great Ryan was doing… Then I stupidly uttered the words a parent should never say – “Everyone’s healthy”.  The universe bitch-slapped us for that one.  Several times.

On Friday Katie picked up the girls at school only to find out that Ryan’s teacher would not be working there anymore. (slap)  This teacher was with Ryan in the first baby room and then again in the toddler room and we absolutely loved her!  She was so good with Ryan – she just understood her and they had a sweet, special bond.  I also found out from another friend that Charlie’s teacher got a promotion and would be leaving in a couple weeks. (slap)  Charlie has made so much progress socially and I attribute it completely to her teacher.  Both Miss D. and Miss A. love our girls and for that we love them.  Needless to say I bawled my eyes out.  That night I drowned my sorrows in my friends, their kids, our pool, and a few adult beverages.

The next day, Ryan and a buddy from the previous night both got fevers. (slap)  We went to the ped and Ryan’s throat was filled with pus.  Strep test came back negative.  Long story short:  she has a nasty virus.  Three to five days and she should be good to go.  Yeah, right.  On day 4 Ryan was doing great.  On day 5 she went to speech and physical therapy for 2 hours and kicked ass.  She had a fever and I didn’t even know it.  She ate a great dinner, had her bottle, and went to bed.  Then started puking. (slap)  Motrin wouldn’t even touch the fever yet my little soldier was happy and playing until 11:00 p.m.  Back to the doc she went.  Her throat looked great so they tested her urine and blood.  Both clear.  It’s just the virus still hanging around which is really weird because she got better and then got worse.  But Ryan never really follows the typical pattern of things, does she?  She already seems to be doing better tonight, so we basically wasted a co-pay and Ryan got poked and prodded for nothing. (slap)

And…. We found out yesterday that Charlie’s teacher is getting moved to her new position much sooner than expected. (slap)  Her last day will be tomorrow.  So today we hugged and cried (out of view of the kids) and Charlie will give her a little going away present tomorrow.

So we got slapped around a little bit this week.  That’s OK.  We’ll soldier through it like we always do and hopefully we’ll start to enjoy our summer break soon!


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