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Worth The Wait June 20, 2013

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Ryan and I made it to Children’s this morning without a minute to spare for our follow-up with the neurosurgeon only to be told that he was called into emergency surgery and they didn’t know how long he would be.  Boo.  I didn’t know what to do.  After talking with the secretary, we decided to just reschedule for another day.  So we walked all the way back to the car when I got a call on my cell from said secretary, telling me to come back.  She talked to the nurse and since the doctor didn’t tell her to cancel any appointments, they were hopeful that he wouldn’t be long.

Ryan’s appointment was at 10:30.  The doctor saw her at 12:30.  But the news was worth waiting for!  After talking about how the horrific fall occurred, he reassured me that everything was OK with Ryan’s neck.  He said that her scans looked great!  I asked how that was possible considering we were told that the kyphosis had worsened and he said that he would still consider it stable and doesn’t foresee any need for surgery!  He took off the neck brace and we were outta there!!!!

In the meantime, Ryan got 2 new chairs to hang out in:



Doing what they do best:


Watching big sis running around like a mad woman:



One Response to “Worth The Wait”

  1. Ann Nichols Says:

    She is SOOOOO adorable!!

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