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Happy Labor Day – NOT! August 30, 2013

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I hate to sound like a broken record but Ryan is sick again.  This is the second time in 2 weeks.  Since my last post, Ryan got sick right in time for my first day with students – luckily, a certain sassy friend of ours was able to step in and watch her for us.  Thank you!!!  Upon returning to daycare for a couple of good days, we got word that hand, foot and mouth was going around and despite our best efforts to keep Ryan well, she had a slight fever this afternoon and didn’t eat well today.  She is currently crawl-hopping around the kitchen after taking some Motrin.  Gotta love that stuff.

We see Immunology on Wednesday….. I can’t wait.  Whatever they plan on doing with Ryan, it needs to start RIGHT AWAY.  We just can’t do this anymore.  The poor thing has had more sick days than healthy days and that is just not OK.

Roostie has been sporting new footwear this week!  She’s not the biggest fan of getting her orthotics strapped on but once they are, she wants to go, go, go!  Aren’t they cute?


She also has some new, sporty kicks to fit around them.  She looks like such a big girl in them!  I wish I had some pictures of her at PT this week because she was doing so great in her walker!  We’ll get some next time.


Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you – hopefully Ryan won’t be too sick that we can’t get out and enjoy just a little bit.  Gotta go, I hear someone calling my name… Yes, Miller Lite, I’ll be right there!!!


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