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Immunity September 4, 2013

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Quick one today…

Saw another great doctor at Children’s today.  Specialty: immunology.  Long story short, Ryan’s immune system might improve with time on its own!!!  Without going into lots of boring details that I barely understand myself, Ryan’s blood work shows that her vaccines have partially taken and her immunoglobulins are low but not so low that she requires IV antibodies.  She’s definitely catching lots of germs but the anatomy in her head is probably also playing a part in her not being able to drain gunk which is leading to more infections.  Also, since she’s not getting really, really sick and landing in the hospital all the time, something is  working, just not as well as a typical kid.

The plan: When she’s 2 (in less than a month!) she’ll get the pneumovax 23 vaccine.  4 weeks after that she’ll get more blood drawn to check the titers and see how well it took.  They’ll also check T and B cells.  After that we’ll have more answers.

Bottom line: With time her immune system should improve but there’s nothing we can really do in the meantime to prevent her from getting sick.  So, yes, more waiting, more blood work, but the outlook is better than expected!

Also…. The Cincinnati Children’s Walks for Kids is in a few short weeks and Rooster’s Boosters will be walking again!  If anyone wants to walk with us this year or donate, go to http://give.cincinnatichildrens.org/site/PageServer?pagename=walk_home and search for Rooster’s Boosters to join our team.  The walk is at the zoo this year!


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