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4th Annual Autism & Disabilities Dinner at FHS January 11, 2014

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Each spring Fairfield High School, where I work, hosts a spaghetti dinner and silent auction that is open to the community to highlight a family with a special needs child.  The goal is to raise money for a need or cause related to that child.  Much of what is needed for the dinner is donated and lots of money is raised on behalf of that particiular family.  Being that we are now a part of the “special needs community”, I planned on taking the girls to the dinner this past spring.  I bought the tickets and brought in my food donation, but alas, Ryan was sick so we couldn’t go.  I was pretty bummed.  I’ve heard that it’s an incrediable night, complete with a video about the family,activities for kids (think face painting and carnival games), a dance performed by some of the students, and just an overall celebration for all special needs.

As school was getting underway this fall, I was approached by the woman who heads up the dinner.  Imagine my surprise when she told me that our family was the one being honored at the dinner this year!  (I bawled my eyes out!)  The plan this year is to raise money on behalf of Ryan and donate it the the ARC of Butler County (an advocacy group for individuals with disabilities) and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  As you know, we have been raising funds for CCHMC via our group Rooster’s Boosters and it means so much to us when people donate on behalf of Ryan.  They are an incredible facility and to have the opportunity to raise money on a much larger scale… well, I really don’t have the words for it.  Just WOW.

I have been to a couple meetings for the dinner already and the planning committee is well underway.  Ideas are flowing, themes are being brainstormed, responsibilities are being delegated, volunteers are stepping forward, the video about Ryan is in production, the community is being solicited for help, and there is still so much more to do!  As I attend more meetings, I will be posting links on the blog as well as on Facebook to purchase tickets for the dinner, donate food items, and make monetary donations.  I will also be posting meeting times if anyone would like to join the committee and volunteer their time.  Last year the dinner hosted 500 people.  Our goal this year is to bring at least 700 people through the door (Katie’s family alone with help with that!).

The date for the dinner is Friday, April 25th in the FHS cafeteria.  Can you come?  We would love to see you there!!


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