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Dinner Update And More January 29, 2014

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We recently found out that local restaurant, Rick’s Tavern, has volunteered to provide all the spaghetti (with marinara AND alfredo sauce!) for the dinner!!!  We are so touched by the generosity of the owner!  Without this amazing donation, the ladies who coordinate the dinner would be spending DAYS cooking and preparing enough food to feed 700 people!  Thank you to our friend Tammy for making this happen and all the other fund raising you have been doing!

For those interested in donating in other ways to make this dinner a success (we will need desserts, plates, utensils, drinks, auction items, and volunteers to make the night run smoothly) please visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A054BA9AB2AA20-disabilities1.  There will be more information in the coming weeks about purchasing tickets.  We have had 2 meetings at school and already have lots of wonderful students who are going to help.  It is so touching to see so many of my wonderful kids step forward.  I’ve shed quite a few happy tears for all the love Ryan is being shown!

In the meantime, Ryan has been busy chatting up all her peeps asking for donations.  She’s quite the sales woman!



Ryan has acquired a few new, and SUPER CUTE, skills lately.

1. If you ask for a kiss or say “I love you” she will lean forward and give you her forehead for a kiss!


2. She is stacking blocks.


3. She can pull her glasses off and *almost* get them back on.

4. She is trying really hard to use her pointer finger and will point to her mouth if you ask where it is.

5. She is standing in between pieces of furniture and letting go for a few seconds at a time.

6. She’s climbing up on the couch and watching a little TV all by herself!


7. She is starting to use PECs (picture exchange communication) with certain foods, toys, and TV shows.  The idea of PECs in a nutshell is that Ryan will pull a picture off of her board and hand it to us.  We will then say the word to reinforce it.  Then she gets what she chooses.


“What do you want? A bottle or Cheerios?”




These are her food cards

These are her food cards

And her TV show cards

And her TV show cards

Sometimes when she gets out of hand we have to put her in jail.

Just kidding!!!

Just kidding!!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and snuggling up with the ones they love!!


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