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Let me get to the point February 16, 2014

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Ryan has been doing some pretty awesome things lately.  One thing that I absolutely love, is that she is able to point now.  We’ve been working on the “point” for quite a while, at OT and at home.  Finally she did it.  And now she can’t be stopped!  She’s using that little pointer to touch the iPad, to point to her mouth when she’s hungry, and to point “down” when she wanted to go to the basement to see her sister.  That little finger is pretty darn cute.  It’s hard to get a picture of it because she’s a pointing machine and jutting that thing all over the place!




She has also taken a few steps independently this week!  At PT on Wednesday, she was able to take 3 steps after getting nudged by the therapist.  I would post the video but I’m too cheap to upgrade the blog to show videos.  If you want to see it, just friend me on Facebook.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only Liz Gladish in the entire universe.  Anyway, she’s done it a few times at home too.  I moved our ottoman out a few inches and put my cell phone on it.  When given a little push, she’ll take a couple steps before lunging herself onto the ottoman to get the phone.  It’s so cool.  She’s still pretty unsure of herself and I’m sure that it will be a while before she actually takes that first step by herself.

For me, both things are equally amazing.  I know that walking is something that we’ve been waiting for for a long time… but that finger.  I love it.  Walking is a huge milestone.  It’s one of those things that the geneticist couldn’t definitively tell us that she would do, so it’s huge, I know.  But the fact that Ryan was able to use that finger today to tell us “I want to go downstairs to see my sister” just made me so freaking happy.  Ryan has made me realize that small milestones are still huge victories.  That little pointer finger told us what she wanted, and ultimately, I want to understand what she needs and wants.

For Valentine’s Day, the girls got heart attacks!  We wrote words on hearts that represented each of them and put them on their doors.  They were both so happy to hear what they said.  Charlie loved hers and wanted to see Ryan’s right away.  That girl loves her sister so, so much.  Ryan also loved hers.  And she uses that little finger to point to each of those hearts to hear the words we wrote on them.  I never thought I would love a finger so much.  It’s more than the pointer though, it’s about communication, and that’s the point.


Ryan’s hearts


Charlie’s hearts




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