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Trouble March 16, 2014

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Ryan is a total trouble maker – and it’s awesome!!!  If Charlie did half the stuff Ryan is doing, she’d be in time-out most of the day.  We’re in this quandary about celebrating what she’s doing because it means that she’s figuring things out for herself and reprimanding her because she’s being bad.  Not really “bad”, but she’s starting to push her luck.  I can’t tell you how many times a day we say “Get on your butt”.  She loves standing on the couch… and leaning over the edge.


This kid is a goat.  She climbs EVERYTHING.  And then we have to decide if we’re going to be good parents and save her or get a camera.  We usually get the camera.






The newest thing she’s discovered she can do is open the baby gates.  After months of trying, she succeeded in escaping the kitchen.  Once she figured it out there was no way of stopping it.  If she can’t get through the gate, she’ll just completely remove it from the wall.


Today I flipped the gates around once I saw that she knew how to push it open, not pull it.  So then she did this.  If it’s not one thing it’s another!  But we love it.



We tried a time-out once.  It didn’t work… but it was really funny.


Something good that Ryan has been doing the last 2 days is sucking out of a straw!  Just a little at a time but it’s a start.  And, boy oh boy, was she proud of herself!!!





One Response to “Trouble”

  1. Barb Sandor Says:

    Love hearing of Ryan’s progress and her growth as a little girl.

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