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A Break In Progress April 11, 2014

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Yesterday I was crying happy tears about the fact that Ryan was walking independently and going down the slide at school.  Today I was crying about a fractured tibia.  We were due for some bad news.  It had to equal out somewhere.  Too much happy.  Too much good.  I truly believe that.  Maybe that’s the problem.

This is the list that I made for what I wanted to blog about before today happened:

going to conference in SD

FaceTime with UK

17 sick appts. in 2013/insurance

sometimes people forget we still need help

staying afloat in a sea of boogers and loneliness


Clearly, I was feeling sorry for myself.  I’m over that now.  I’ll get back to that list later but only focus on the good because I was being a total crybaby and I don’t want to be that.  And I know people want to know about today, so here’s the deal.

At school, Ryan was playing alone on the playset.  She did not fall.  No other kid did anything to her.  She simply twisted, or banged, or moved her leg wrong while playing.  Playing is hard work!  I got a call at lunch that Ryan hurt herself playing and starting crying.  Her teachers didn’t know what was wrong but comforted her until she was OK.  She wouldn’t drink her bottle and was so exhausted she was falling asleep.  Then they noticed that she wouldn’t bear weight on her right foot.  “What should we do?” they asked.  “Put her down for a nap and I’ll be right there” I said.  I flew out of school as fast as I could.  I just felt like something was wrong.  Laurie in the office took care of my sub, as usual.  Mindy, my colleague, made sure everything was OK in my classes for the rest of the day.  She’s my person, after all :).

I called the pediatrician and made the quickest appointment.  We got home to pick up necessities and I checked out her smelly little feet.  I bent her knees and ankles and all seemed fine.  No bruises or swelling.  Then she tried to stand… and went tumbling over and cried in pain.  Off to the doc we went.  Then to the ER for an X-ray.  The doc there suspected, and was right, about a fractured tibia.  Apparently, it’s very common among toddlers.  It has nothing to do with her condition or school.  It is was it is.

She’s in a splint until next Wednesday and then she’ll get a cast… just in time for her big night at the Autism/Disabilities Dinner.  Awesome.

Waiting in ER.  Lots of cuddles.

Waiting in ER. Lots of cuddles.

Charlie is pointing out the "buckle" fracture.

Charlie is pointing out the “buckle” fracture.

Resting comfortably and watching Mickey.

Resting comfortably and watching Mickey.

Back to the happy list!

1. We have decided to make a trip to San Diego where the 11q conference is held every other year!  We will finally get to meet the wonderful people that have been our chromosomal support system for two and a half years!  And we’ll get to hear from all the experts on Ryan’s various conditions.  Plane tickets have been purchased and hotels confirmed!  We are on our way!  An added benefit – my brother lives there!!!  Looking forward to some QT with him, my sister-in-law and niece!

2. We connected with another 2 mom family via our “Unique” support group on Facebook.  They have 2 adorable sons, their youngest is unique like Ryan!  We have had a couple FaceTime conversations with them!  So fun!

UK moms!

UK moms!

3. Ryan is getting another set of tubes and her adenoids out in a couple weeks, after the cast is on.  Her ears have been giving her problems lately so she’s not only not eating well but not hearing well either.  We went to a new ENT and love him.  That’s good news!

Chillin' at the ENT

Chillin’ at the ENT

Waiting to see the ENT!

Waiting to see the ENT!

I’ll update after we get the cast… Charlie gets to pick the color!


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