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The Evolution of a Nickname July 19, 2014

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AKA – How Ryan became Ruby Saturday

To anyone who knows us, it would be no surprise that Ryan has tons of nicknames.  Charlie has tons after all.  I’d be curious to know how often we actually use her real name.  Since she was very little Charlie has been anything from Chica, Chick, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Char, Chuckles, Charzie, Charstie, or Charleston.  At less than 3 years of age, when someone asked her name she replied “Chicklet”.  Some last for only days, while others have stood the test of time.

Before Ryan became Rooster, she did a short stint as Birdie.  With her little puffy eyes, pursed lips, and fluffy hair it just seemed natural.  She looked like a sweet little baby bird.  And then somehow Katie changed it to Rooster and it stuck… kind of.  Rystie, Roostie, Roost, Roostie Boostie, Roo, and most recently Roobee have all made the rounds.  Katie is especially fond of Roobee.  So on Tuesday she was Roobee Tuesday.  We explained to Charlie about the restaurant Ruby Tuesday and so on Wednesday Charlie started calling her Ruby Wednesday, and on Thursday… well, you get it.

So today, just sending you all a little sweet smile from Ruby Saturday.



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