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Wedding Season July 28, 2014

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I just wanted to share some pictures of the girls from two weddings this summer.  Charlie was a flower girl/bell ringer in Katie’s cousin’s wedding a couple weeks ago.  She looked so pretty!




And just this weekend, both Charlie and Ryan were flower girls in Katie’s brother’s wedding.  I was so happy that they wanted to include Ryan in the wedding but I knew that if she was going down the aisle I had to get creative.  She wouldn’t be able to walk the entire way by herself, even in her walker, so I got a little crafty.


A friend of mine gave us an old buggy their kids outgrew.


I added a few coats of spray paint…

…and a few more.

…until completely covered.


Then bows to match the bridal party and a sign to cover the “car parts”.


I got a 2-sided chalk board from Walmart and used a paint pen to write “Here comes the bride” and “Just married” on each side.




Ryan wasn’t actually too keen on riding in it so we gave her my phone to hold to distract her and at the last minute before walking down the aisle took it away!  Katie and her partner pushed her down the aisle and she did great!  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures during the ceremony of either of the girls coming down the aisle.  I hope the photographer did because Ryan was basically standing in the buggy by the time they arrived at the alter!


Here’s Ryan on the phone!



I love this picture of Katie and the girls dancing with Aunt Sarah and my mom. If you look closely you can see that Katie’s, Charlie’s and Ryan’s feet are all off the ground mid-jump!


Charlie and the groom “Muncle Mike”.






One Response to “Wedding Season”

  1. Another wonderful story, Liz. You are so creative. Love Ryan’s marriage mobile!

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