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The Aching Uterus November 14, 2014

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The moment you know you shouldn’t is the moment you want it most.  I’m almost 40.  It wouldn’t be smart for so many reasons.  I probably can’t at this point anyway… and I don’t really want to.  I mean, sleepless nights, stretch marks, and sore nips are not fun.  It’s just that when I see a pregnant woman it’s like I can feel a baby moving in my belly.  It makes me sad thinking that I’ll never feel that again.  If Katie had it her way we would have had another.  But after Ryan we decided it would be best to keep our family as is.  So a while back we let the last of our vials thaw.  Tonight I’m reminiscing about my belly full of baby and just wanted to share some great #TBT pics with you.

This is Charlie:


39 weeks completed






This is Ryan:

C & mama 21 wks

39 wks

ryan 002

pics 015

pics 032

pics 039


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