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Meeting The Mouse March 29, 2015

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If you know Ryan at all, you know of her love/obsession with all things Mickey.  When we went to Disneyland last summer, we were so excited for her to meet both Mickey and Minnie and were prepared to wait in long lines just to get that opportunity.  Little did we know how worth the wait it would be.

Meeting Mickey was truly a magical moment.  Ryan “happy cried” when she saw him!  And although there were many people in our group waiting to meet him, without having to explain ourselves, everyone seemed to know that Ryan was special and that the moment could not be rushed.  Even Mickey himself gave Ryan extra attention.  You just have to see for yourself!!!  *disclaimer – I tried to edit the videos to only show the good stuff but it wouldn’t work 😦

The visit with Minnie was short but just as sweet and since meeting her, Ryan’s obsession shifted in her direction… but don’t tell Mickey!!!



2 Responses to “Meeting The Mouse”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I just finished reading your entire blog. Thank you. I have a 7 month old granddaughter with deletion of llq.14.3 to llq 23.3. Very similar to Ryan’s. Your blog is the first information on the internet that actually describes what may be in store. Thank you again. Do you know if there is any other information about what may happen, other than the 4 or so research papers on the internet about interstitial deletion in the 11th Chromosome? and is there any facebook that is devoted to interstitial deletion on 11? .

    • ryangrace11q Says:

      Rebecca, I’m so glad you found us! Find me on Facebook (Liz Gladish) and I’ll hook you up with the support group and other families around the world like our unique little girls! We have to stick together!

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