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Down the Rabbit Hole August 5, 2015

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Ever heard of GISHWHES?  Me neither… until a few days ago.  GISHWHES stands for “the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen”.  Teams from all around the world compete to complete as many items as possible on their list (there are 213 items total) in a week’s time.  Some of the items are completely random and silly, like dressing as zombies and playing croquet on the lawn of a historic landmark, but a lot are promoting random acts of kindness.  Sounds cool, right?

So a couple days ago a student of mine, who graduated this spring, messaged me to tell me about GISHWHES and told me that an item on her team’s list was to throw an Alice and Wonderland themed tea party for a child with special needs and wanted to do this for Ryan!  I was so touched and couldn’t wait to learn more about this awesome scavenger hunt!  She told me that 7 FHS students (current and former) were randomly joined with 8 other teammates from the UK, New Orleans, and Norway.  Can you imagine?  Teenagers working with each other all over the world to do nice things?  Hell, yes.

The students did such a good job decorating and dressing up and making a memorable experience for my girls.  I felt so bad, though, because Ryan didn’t want to participate!  She was more into playing on the jungle gym in the park than with the characters at the tea party.  But Charlie and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and shared some yummy juice and cupcakes!  What a great way to start August and I’m so looking forward to working with awesome kids like this!



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