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Our Family Dialect December 6, 2015

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I grew up in a family where we spoke our own language, had our own words, and pronounced those words in a certain way… and I’m not talking about Spanish (although 3 out of 5 of us can speak it).  I’m talking about our family dialect.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a dialect is a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area and that uses some of its own words, grammar, and pronunciations.  That explains the Gladish family… and more specifically, it explains my mom.

If you spent time with my mom, then you’d be likely to hear how she went “all over Jibip” (where the hell is Jibip?) to find “shoosies” (shoes) for her “nookies” (feet)… and you could bet “dollars to donuts” that she got them on sale at TJ Maxx.  You might hear her tell you to take your “sneaks” (gym shoes) out to the “gay-rahge” (garage) with the “gar-bahge” (garbage), put your clothes in a “draw” (drawer), and to pick up your “tsotsies” (toys).  Even better… she’ll get you all “koochie” (not coochie, you sickos – it’s pronounced differently) if you have the “hoo-tucks” (hiccups), and after a “pook” (fart) you’ll go “loo-loo-pah” (sleep).

Not to mention the actual language called “Ob” that we can speak fluently.  This was my first “foreign language” and my mom and I used to speak it together so my dad wouldn’t know what we were saying!

Yes.  This is for real.  Here is video proof.

So you can say that I come by it naturally.  Therefore, the Gladish-Effler family has it’s own dialect too.  A lot of it has morphed from kid pronunciations and some of it… well I have no idea where it came from.  But like most families with their own vernacular… it just is what it is.  This is an abridged version of our dictionary:

Pumma = Scooter.  Origin: Ryan

Taggie = The girls’ handmade tag blankets from their Aunt Mary.  Origin: Katie

Muncle = Uncle Mike.  Origin: Charlie (her variation with alliteration)

Splish = Bath (ex: let’s go up for a splish).  Origin: ?

Ooska = This word is used to describe anything little and cute and babyish.  Origin: Katie.  Morphed and smooshed from the phrase “Oh it’s a baby”… “Oh’s a baby”… “Ooska baby”… “Ooska”

Buttski/Snotski/Fartski = Origin: Me. I’m polish.  Everything gets a ski at the end.

Boogedy = What Charlie calls Ryan. Origin: Charlie – but how and why… no clue

Heat seater = Heated seats in the car.  Katie and I just can’t say it any other way.

Crunchy eggs = A delicious combo of goetta and scrambled eggs (non-Cincinnatians need to google goetta).  Origin: Me

Snart = Sneeze/fart combo.  Origin: Me

Cart = Cough/fart combo. Origin: Me

A bothy = A bath with both kids in it.  Origin: Me

Zuh zuh = This is used to describe any awful sound that makes you cringe, like nails on a chalkboard.  Origin: Me

Monk-a-dunk = Charlie’s baby blanket with a monkey head.  Origin: Katie

Gaga = grandma (Liz’s mom) Origin: Charlie

Gaga blankets = Blankets given to my girls from my mom.  Origin: Charlie

Airplane noodles = Plain noodles with parmesan cheese.  Origin: Charlie.  She mis-heard Katie say “plain noodles” when she was about 2 years old and it just stuck.

I love that my kids will grow up knowing and using these words like any other and not think a thing of it.  Only when they say it in front of someone else and get a funny look will they realize that not everyone says it (like I did in 1st grade when I said something about taking the “gar-bahge” out to the “gay-rahge”) and still get ragged on about it.

Thanks for indulging me in that.  Now on to what the people want… the people want the pictures.

Our fall in photos:


Punkin’ patchin’ it













Ryan handed these out on Halloween and got such a positive response!


She had such a great night, and walked so well… and then she fell. Of course.






Ryan is trying to get rid of her nap… but if you put her in the car… she’s out.



She loves perching on Mommy’s shoulder!



Leaving the park is so hard



Me and my chicas


Don’t let this fool you – Infusion days SUCK!


She still hasn’t peed on the potty – but damn, she’s cute!


Friday’s got me like…


Random videos that I want to share:





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